be nice to the robots. they’ll remember you once they take control

the website calls it a sort of social networking example:

examining a tweenbot

examining a tweenbot

placing an 18″ self-propelled, smiling, cardboard robot on a street in manhattan and letting it travel at a constant speed in one direction with a sign asking for assistance – leaving its fate in the hands of passersby

are we maybe moving in a new direction in terms of collective behaviors? or is it only because it was a small robot that people even bothered checking on it, even telling it, “you can’t go that way, it’s toward the road.”
from boing boing and engadget and by now, most of the intarwebs


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Indian baby dropping ritual

check out how excited everyone is about it

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never let anything stop you (the failing edition)

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holding Jesus ransom,

until the weiner poopie gets cleaned.

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what would you do in an elevator for 40 hours?

the article itself is ridiculously long and every other paragraph seems like a tangent on elevators, but there’s an interesting idea to it

how would you spend 40 hours with yourself?

here’s the time lapse video:

here’s the article:

a fun snippet:

Loading up an empty elevator car with discarded Christmas trees, pressing the button for the top floor, then throwing in a match, so that by the time the car reaches the top it is ablaze with heat so intense that the alloy (called “babbitt”) connecting the cables to the car melts, and the car, a fireball now, plunges into the pit: this practice, apparently popular in New York City housing projects, is inadvisable.

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fish and chips vs. apple pie


(larger view).

the chart above is a visual representation of where us citizens and british citizens stand on many major issues. it’s interesting to see where these differences lie, and how vast they can be. one in particular that caught my attention was the varying opinions on global warming.

the full article that goes with this chart can be found here.

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don’t stand so,

Man punched over urinal etiquette

A New Zealander ended up in court after punching a man over a breach of urinal etiquette.

Edward Aldridge, 47, punched his victim twice after he used the urinal next to him in a pub in Christchurch.

Aldridge accused his victim of looking at him, reports Metro.

Speaking in his defence, counsel Liz Bulger said: “This incident arose from what I understand to be urinal etiquette.

“When the victim spoke to the defendant he was effectively smirking. The defendant was outraged.”

Sentencing Aldridge to 50 hours of community service, Judge Raoul Neave said: “This is exactly the sort of behaviour that makes people afraid to go to town.”

(that’s the whole article from here)

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oh, virgin mobile

close up on the copy

from engadget

i can’t find it now, but one of the comments on engadget brought up a good point,
chances are, no one will ever see this ad (it’s virgin mobile canada or something), but as soon as someone makes a big stink of it and sues, it’ll be everywhere. the media will be saying “virgin mobile” every few seconds, having people asking each other if they saw the ad and posting it in their blogs (like this)

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“No you have to be fingerprinted! Everybody has to be fingerprinted!”


“These machines (which, I’m told, capture the shape of your fingertip instead of your fingerprint itself) are used to keep Disney World customers from sharing or re-selling their admission tickets, and are part of a general and growing police-state climate at the parks that includes routine bag-searches at each park entrance.”


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“Twin gay-porn stars arrested in rooftop burglaries”

Truncated article with favorite parts in bold:

Twins Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney have been arrested for allegedly breaking into area businesses by cutting rooftop holes to gain entry. Turns out, they were also just as skilled at breaking into their second, more respectable careers – as hardcore gay-porn stars.

The 25-year-old Goffney twins, both of New Jersey, were arrested Feb. 19. They were charged with breaking into Moon’s Beauty Shop at 9th and Washington streets in South Philadelphia and the adjoining Wings and More, using only a handsaw and ax to get in through the roofs of the establishments.

The company’s Web site,, is the nation’s largest retailer of gay porn DVDs. To Schut’s knowledge, the twins have not appeared in any porn films available on DVD, but he said if they had chosen to further their career in porn, “They could have been huge.”

“Two incredibly beautiful black men and twins – it’s unprecedented,” Schut said. “Ethnic, gay models are rare.”

Taleon also has a lengthy portfolio – but his is kept by the police.

“Taleon is a bad, bad dude,” one police source said.

Chief Dave Kunkel of Clementon, N.J., had no trouble recalling his department’s run-in with Taleon in 2006.

Officers conducting surveillance work at an apartment complex spotted Taleon running up the building’s walls and turning back flips.

“The officers said, ‘We’re glad we’re not going after him,’ ” Kunkel recalled. “Lo and behold, after that, he began conducting open-air, hand-to-hand drug sales.”

Police arrested Taleon for possessing about a half-ounce of crack cocaine and a loaded .25-caliber automatic handgun. While handcuffed in the back of the moving car, Taleon smashed out the rear window by head-butting it, police said. He then dove through the window and its steel frame, causing $1,800 in damage, Kunkel said.

After landing on his face, Taleon rose to his feet and, while still handcuffed, fled on foot and into a nearby pond, police said.

“He swam across like Flipper, taunting the officers saying, ‘You’ll never catch me,’ ” Kunkel said.

Indeed, they didn’t. Two officers were injured while chasing Taleon. A week later, he turned himself in. But he didn’t return the department’s handcuffs, Kunkel said.

they win.

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