not homeless

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it hurtz me.


from the lolz treasuretrove of i can has cheezburger.

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oh, virgin mobile

close up on the copy

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i can’t find it now, but one of the comments on engadget brought up a good point,
chances are, no one will ever see this ad (it’s virgin mobile canada or something), but as soon as someone makes a big stink of it and sues, it’ll be everywhere. the media will be saying “virgin mobile” every few seconds, having people asking each other if they saw the ad and posting it in their blogs (like this)

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ya, rly.

owls mean business sometimes.

also,  this guy wants a kiss

more animal pictures

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male lion + famale tiger =

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obvious, but important steps to remember when encountering a mountain lion

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the west side got a little cuter.


seal pooooooose.

for the win, for the vid.

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imagine accidentally walking into this mess


“This huge web was found covering 180 meters of trees and bushes by the employees of park Lake Tawakoni in Texas. It’s not yet clear if this “work of art” has been made by a single or a colony of spiders. The web was initially white, but turned dark when all the mosquitoes got caught in it.”

At least it’s doing some good, I can’t stand mosquitoes either.

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